How to Live Forever


If you have no time (ironic, if you're planning on being immortal...), the gist of the book is:

That's basically it. You can put the book down now.

But, if you feel about reading more into these, please do - I didn't write all this stuff just for the good of my health, you know!

You will live forever.

In the last few centuries, human lifespans have increased. We comfortably expect our friends and families to live into their 60s and 70s.

As we focus on the causes of death and cure or avoid them, we steadily push this limit further and further back.

We can replace almost every part of our bodies now with artificial prostheses. In some cases, the new organs are better than the originals.

We are living in an age where the disease we expect to die of when we are old, will be eradicated by the time we get to the point where we would expect it to happen.

We will soon be able to “upload” our minds into computers, making it easy for us to back ourselves up, or even spread ourselves out like the Internet so that we cannot die.

There is also the possibility that we are living in just one of an infinite universes, and there is always at least one universe where you wake up tomorrow. Always.

In this book, we will explore all of the above, discuss how we should live if we hope to live forever, and discuss some of the philosophy and ethics that all of this throws up.

The book discusses how we can do all of this, using science, technology, and with some speculative philosophy as well.

By “science”, I mean the process of learning through experimentation. Learning what causes cancer, how DNA gets “old”, what foods are good or bad for the body – this is science.

“Technology” means enhancements that we have made by creating replacement parts or inventing new ways to do things. Prosthetic hands, transplants, telomere lengthening.

By “philosophy”, I mean things that we can figure out through logic, but that may or may not be true in reality. Quantum immortality falls into this category, and probably mind uploads as well, as they are only theoretical at the moment.

The book starts with some histories of general medicine, transplant surgeries and prosthetics.

The "Aging" chapter describes current research into how aging works and how we are solving it.

"Disease" is a serious of small histories detailing how we are attacking the various top killers in the world.

"The Brain" describes current research into how we can address failure in our very identity and memories, along with some speculation into how we can replace the entire brain.

And finally, "Quantum Immortality" describes an idea that arose from philosophical thinking on what were the ramifications of the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics being correct. It has been expanded to include all forms of infinite universes, but is still called quantum immortality.

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