foxo4 human trial (not plural)

There is at least one person trialling the FOXO4 peptide (albeit informally), and blogging about his experiences while taking it. I’ve added him to my list of feeds – looking forward to his progress!

I’d love to know where he’s getting his stash from, but I’m sure he’d prefer not to say, in case the producer gets in trouble (FOXO4-DRI has still not been approved for human trials). [update: he’s in the business, so didn’t need to go through commercial channels]

FOXO4 is a gene that, in senescent cells, uses the p53 gene to stop the cell from splitting further, but also stops it from dying (apoptosis).

Recent research shows that if the FOXO4 gene is blocked using FOXO4-DRI (a kind of peptide), then senescent cells will kill themselves, and the body can recover by growing new younger cells to replace them.

Killing senescent cells is necessary, because if you don’t, then they accumulate over time, eventually being the only kind of cells that you have.

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