weight loss and Jimmy Joy

In an effort to live up to the ideals I describe in my book, I’ve been working on losing weight over the last few months. At the beginning of the year, I weighed 78kg, but the ideal weight for my height is 62kg. I was 16kg overweight.

Of course, as anyone that has ever actually been overweight will tell you, it’s not easy to shift it.

Everybody’s body is different, so what works “in general” might not work for you personally. For me, what finally started to work was that I stopped eating dinners during the week. Just that. I would have breakfast and lunch (as much as I wanted), and then no major meal after that at all. For snacks, I would allow myself a bowl of popcorn or a bag of crisps (potato chips, as the yanks call them for some reason).

That allowed me to achieve the following weight loss over the last six months (graph of my weight from late December until just over a week ago):

Six months of this diet changed my body enough that if I try eating a larger dinner now, I can feel my stomach telling me it wants to stop!

After working on the book for a while, and feeling that I could go a step further,I decided I needed to measure exactly what I’m eating, so I can control it better. I’m not talking about “2 portions of noodles, 3 potatoes, tub of curry”. I’m talking about nutritional content and calories.

It’s near impossible to know whether you are getting the right nutrition. Food labels give you the minimum information they are legally required to give you, and there is no handy way to measure if you’re getting what you need.

The simplest thing to do, then, was to switch to a food that is guaranteed to be nutritionally complete. I looked into many, and it all fell down to just three: Huel, Jimmy Joy, and Soylent.

In the end, I chose Jimmy Joy, and bought a month’s supply (30 bags) for €150 plus €5 shipping. It took a week to arrive.

For over a week now, I’ve been on pure Jimmy Joy (no other food), and I find that it is helping my diet amazingly. More on that in a moment.

The first thing I did was to try it using the instructions as provided. 500ml water into the shaker, plus 3.5 scoops of Vanilla (which smells like sawdust, by the way), then shake shake shake.

Drinking from the shaker is not comfortable, the vanilla flavoured Jimmy Joy is off-putting for me, and the meal itself is so absolutely filling that I found it difficult to finish it.

The next time, I tried mixing vanilla with any other flavour (I ordered chocolate, strawberry, banana – all the vegan flavours). Much better. Also, instead of drinking from the shaker, I poured into a cup and drank from that. Much more comfortable.

The meal was so filling, in fact, that over the next week, I started reducing the amount that I was eating, to see if I could accelerate my weight loss without feeling like I was starving.

I found that I can get by comfortably through the day with just 1/3 of a bag. That’s two cups of prepared meal. Sometimes, I didn’t even feel the need for the second cup, so some days, I was actually on 1/6 of the daily meals and yet not hungry.

Here’s the same graph as above, with data from the last week added on:

Before, I was losing about 20g per day, and it would have taken up to February 2019 for me to achieve my target weight (62kg).

Now, I am losing 242g per day (10x as much), and will hit my target weight next month on the 15th.

Also, since I’m eating only 1/6-1/3 of the daily meals, that means that I am feeding myself for less than €50 per month. Under €2 per day.

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