FOXO4-DRI price updates

[updated price list]


It’s only been two weeks since I last checked the price of 30mg of FOXO4-DRI (the FOXO4 peptide), and already there are huge changes in the prices.

Shop May June
Novus Biologicals €85,800 €85,800
Merck €10,755 €43,020
Bucky Labs $2,460
NovoPro $4,060.20 $2,144.60
MyBioSource $1,830 $1,830

Bucky Labs is new to the list. The only other place I could find to buy FOXO4-DRI was at a shop that asks that you contact them for prices. That always says to me “you can’t afford it, and we don’t want to sell it to you anyway”.

I’m still puzzled at the huge difference in prices here. Maybe I’m reading their websites wrong and these are actually different products? If so, please comment below to help me understand.

Note: FOXO4, not FOX04. The only number in there is 4. The “FOX” is short for FOrkhead boX, and there are variations of the final part from FOXA1 to FOXR2 and all letters in between. FOXO4 is the 4th member of the FOXO subclass.

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  1. My impression is that FOX04-DRI will coexist with FOX04 in the cell. It will then bond with P53 better and move freely to the mitochondria to achieve apoptosis. Cells that contain P53 are trying to die, but are prevented by FOX04. Simply blocking FOX04 could have a similar result, but would destroy any benefit that natural FOX04 has in the body (which could be many things). It looks like MyBioSource sells only a FOX04 peptide blocker..

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