FOXO4 DRI prices (July 2017)

[updated price list]

I’ve removed a few entries from the table of prices I was tracking, because they were not DRI peptides.

If you are buying in bulk, it would be cheaper to synthesise, as discovered by some people at Longecity, who were quoted about $231.15 per 30mg dose, as long as you’re willing to fork out nearly $8000 to buy a 1000mg shipment.

The off-the-shelf prices are coming down quickly, month by month, as you can see, with NovoPro being the first lab to provide 30mg for less than $2000 (down from more than twice the price only two months ago!)

Shop May June July
Bucky Labs 2460 2265
NovoPro 4060.2 2144.6 1756.8

Hopefully next month, there will be more labs providing FOXO4 DRI off-the-shelf.

It’s still very expensive, but I’m certain that as demand ramps up, the prices will drop.

If you are aware of any lab that sells FOXO4 D-Retro-Inverso(DRI) peptide please comment below so I can add them to the list

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