Releasing the book on PlayStore

My book (How to Live Forever) has been sitting on the front end of the website for months now, The original plan was to try pull people in to see if I could figure out from their behaviour what chapters need fleshing out or rewriting.

I’ve actually avoided adding new chapters (a chapter on vaccination, for example) because I was waiting for readership data.

A recap for those that don’t know the book: it’s an overview of what we know about what kills us, along with bleeding-edge solutions to those problems. I cover information such as using the surface based body shape index to calculate ideal weight and waist size (here’s my SBSI calculator), FOXO4-DRI for killing senescent cells, and even philosophical solutions such as the mathematical universe and quantum immortality.

I think I’m going to kickstart this by releasing the book on the Google Playstore for about €1. If I put it up there for free, people might download it, but won’t feel tempted to read it, but if they have to actually pay for it, they may feel the need to justify that payment by actually reading it.

I will include links in the book back to the website, so people can look for more uptodate versions of each chapter (medicine evolves!).

To get started on this, I’ve been looking for automated HTML to book-format PDF or eBook translation scripts. I could simply copy/paste the entire book into an eBook editor and clean up the formatting by hand, but I want to eventually be able to provide bi-monthly updates to the Playstore version, so it needs to be automated.

Luckily, I’ve been planning for this since the beginning, so the book is written in a logical format that can easily be extracted from the database.

There are actually very few books called “how to live forever” which literally are about how to live forever. Most of those I’ve found online are novels or religious diatribes. I feel like there will be little competition here.

The cover – I’m not an arty person, so I think I’ll do something plain. I like the cover of Yuval Noah Harari’s “Homo Deus”, which is plain black with red wording. I might go for something similar but with a textured background.

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