FOXO4-DRI peptide prices for September 2017

There has been no change in the prices of the two suppliers that advertise FOXO4-DRI peptide on their website; Bucky Labs and NovoPro.

(the FOXO4-DRI peptide blocks the FOXO4 gene from interacting with the p53 gene, allowing senescent cells to reach apoptosis and clear themselves up to let younger cells take their place, letting people get a little closer to living forever)

I got a price by email from the guys at YoungShe Chemical – $900 for 50mg. That translates to a price of $540 for 30mg (the FOXO4-DRI dosage I’m aiming for).

That’s still $308.85 more expensive than what was quoted to interested parties at Longecity, who were quoted about $231.15 per 30mg dose, based on a large 1000mg shipment.

Shop July September
Bucky Labs 2265 2265
NovoPro 1756.8 1756.8
YoungShe Chemical 540

It’s still looking cheaper to synthesise this yourself. Until the peptide cost gets down to below about $10 (for 30mg per day), it is still probably a good idea to work on building your own peptide synthesis lab. You’ll save money in the long term, and will learn some really cool science along the way.

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  1. If you quote for 1000mg scale from NovoPro, you would get a quote for about 5000-6000 USD in total, which is about 150 USD/30mg. The price is largely depends on the scale for the quote.

  2. I have been looking at buying a peptide synthesiser – costs $15,000. Simply put, you load it with 20 bottles, each containing one of the d amino acids. You program the machine with the amino acid sequence, and it produces a bottle of the product in a few hours.

    The main ongoing cost would be the 20 d amino acids.

    I am not sure about purity. May have to purify the product before use. But at least you would have FOXO 4 DRI on tap.

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